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May 5 2018 Reply Favorite Retweet
people always talk about how student athletes bring in tons of money and don’t get paid, yet no one talks about elementary schools selling $7 tickets to plays where the kids act for free. i killed it as king duncan in my 5th grade’s production of mac
Apr 25 2018 Reply Favorite Retweet
i haven’t been able to sleep lately and i think it’s because my phone charger gives off a pale blue light and my body thinks it’s the sky so it thinks it’s daytime and not sleep time. yeah, that’s definitely what’s keeping me awake. not my crippling
Apr 11 2018 Reply Favorite Retweet
one day soon the sun will explode and completely swallow the earth, completely incinerating all life and leaving nothing except for death and ash, and the olive garden waiter will still legally have to bring me more breadsticks since they’re supposed