Jun 6 2021 Retweet
I reckon people who own wind farms would get bullied by other farmers. ‘You up at 5am milking those fans?’ ‘Nice farm got any product samples’ and so on
Jun 2 2021 Retweet
For $40 I will come to a party with you and start a huge fight so you can go home early. For an extra $10 I will pretend to stomp off but really I will go into the kitchen and shove a bunch of snacks into my pockets for you to eat on the way home.
May 29 2021 Retweet
Imagine if you and your family needed something, but without it you might all die and they tie it to employment, so I decide to be the middleman and you pay me, then I use my profits to lobby politicians to make it harder for you to get this thing. This is American healthcare.